Remote working

What is it?

Remote Working (or Remote Access) describes working from outside the office, but still having access to the apps and data you need. It usually uses your Internet connection from wherever you are to connect your device to the data you use.

Can Remote Working help me?

The ability to work remotely has become more important during the Coronavirus pandemic as staff have been working from home. Office 365 takes you a long way to achieving remote working because it gives you access to files and email from almost any device, anywhere. This may be all you need.

However, not everyone uses Office 365 and not all apps are accessible this way. For example, in the office you may have a fileserver or an accounts server. Remote Access gives you the ability to use these servers from your laptop while at home or elsewhere:

  • You can read, edit, add or delete documents and photos stored on your fileserver
  • You can run the accounts app that stores data on the accounts server


  • You can connect to a computer in the office and use it as if you were sitting in front of it (this is called Remote Desktop).

It’s worth bearing in mind that an Internet connection is needed to use Remote Access.

How can InfoSysCo help?

Office 365 may be all you need to work away from the office. Read more about how we can help here.

We can provision Remote Access to your office in several different ways, but popular methods are:

  • VPN. You make a network connection to the office from your device, and access server data over this connection. A VPN is private and very secure, but often needs good bandwidth.
  • Remote Desktop. This is remote-controlling a computer in the office that has the apps or data you need (the accounting app or fileserver data for example). This needs extra equipment in the office, but works well over low bandwidth or intermittent connections, including 4G.

[Coming soon: To see examples of Remote Access projects we have undertaken, click here.]

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