HowTo: Scan to Office 365 From a Toshiba MFP

This procedure will enable you to scan to O365 mailboxes from your Toshiba MFP.

Firstly, note the username and password of the O365 mailbox that the scanner is sending from:

O365 password:ABCxyz123

Test by sending an email from powershell. Ideally, this will be on a PC that is on the same network as the scanner. In a powershell window:

$creds = get-credential

(type in the O365 credentials noted above). Then:

send-mailmessage -smtp to:<any> -subject Test -credential $creds -usessl

.. if this works, the command will quickly and silently complete and you will, of course, have a test message in the to: mailbox. Solve problems here first – if this does not work then the scanner will not be able to send.

Login to the Toshiba:

Firstly, check the DNS setting is correct in the TCP/IP settings (the scanner needs to resolve ‘’). Note the DNS address, and test from a PC command prompt:

nslookup <ip address of DNS server>

Then, navigate to network/smtp client. Settings as follows, replace and password with the O365 details above.

Click OK and test. That’s all there is to it!