Excellent IT is vital to every business

We believe the best IT people can help a business thrive.  We draw from our backgrounds in engineering and project management. We learn from our broad experience of IT in different businesses and industries.  This enables us to genuinely help your business.  Your success is our success!

We do everything you need…

Office 365 / Cloud

We can suggest the best ways to buy and use Microsoft Office 365. We can help you migrate files, mailboxes and other data to the cloud.
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Our helpdesk is manned by friendly, competent people who can help you immediately. We support Windows, Mac, apps, printers, networks and so on.
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We install and support servers on-premises, in a datacentre or in the Azure cloud. Our servers are properly monitored, managed and backed up.
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Remote working

Need access to office-based files and apps while working from site or home? We can install simple, secure, low-cost access solutions over VPN or Remote Desktop.
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VoIP Telephony

Voice, video conferencing and chat – all from an app on your smartphone or a desktop handset. We offer feature-rich scalable VoIP solutions from 3CX that integrate with your IT.
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You can’t always see it, but your systems are under constant attack from people trying to steal your data. We can help prevent them from succeeding.
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You may need help with an on-prem project – perhaps a server or firewall replacement, a virtualisation project, a data migration or to provision remote access.
We have all the skills needed to support on-prem infrastructures.

Data Migrations

Some data migrations are more than a straightforward server replacement – Exchange data and SQL data being good example. Whether the migration is on prem, or to/from the cloud, we have both the technical and project management skills to ensure success.

Datacentre and Azure

If you are moving to a serverless office, you will likely need to move some servers to another datacentre – either a private datacentre or Azure (Microsoft’s cloud datacentre). We can help you with cost projections, migration strategies and connections to move your on-prem servers and, if required, desktops to Azure.

Telephone 033 00 88 55 00 to discuss your requirements.